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Breathwork. Oils. Yoga. Reiki.

Marja has been on her spiritual path for two decades. Now a senior yoga teacher, teacher trainer, reiki master teacher, breathwork facilitator, Doterra wellness advocate and most importantly new mumma; her years of combined experience, practice and life have led her to be an influencer in her field of healing and wellness.



Enjoy an uplifting, fresh and magical yoga practice with Marja in the comfort of your own home.

Stay warm, grounded and connected this winter through movement, pranayama, meditation & mindfulness.

With already well over 35 classes to choose from, Marja's online platform is your very own blissful sanctuary to restore, rejuvenate and reconnect.


Recently I was very lucky to have experienced one of Marja’s weekend away yoga retreats and I am so grateful for the shared experiences I had here through Marja’s meditation practice, yoga nidra and reiki healing sessions. I feel blessed to have met Majra, she has been inspiring, patient and incredibly generous with what she has taught me through her unique yoga practice. 

Amy Cowan



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