Healing doesn't mean there is something wrong with you.

Healing needs to happen when we fall out of rhythm with life, when we disconnect from our natural state. When we fall out of rhythm, we vibrate at a lower frequency where we attract other things of a lower vibration too. To heal is to make a choice to reconnect with the higher vibrations and get back into the flow of life.

To live life in this 'flow state' feels calm, abundant, aligned, supported and safe.



Receive your Attunements

Start living life at a higher vibration and emitting your own frequency rather than absorbing other peoples energy.

Level 1 Self Healing

Levle 2 Practitioners Level


Plant Medicine

Daily ritual is a big part of healing. We create our own unique sacred imprint each day to reconnect us back into our true selves.


Power of the breath

By using conscious connected circular breath we are able to go deep to access and release our energetic blocks that are standing in the way of us living lives of love and expansion.


Permission to slow down.

Reiki infused Yin Yoga. Floor based poses aim to relax the muscles of your body, bringing space to your joints, around your bones and to your mind. Allowing blocked energy the space to be freed and released.

If you feel drawn to experience any of the above modalities of healing with Marja, please get in touch.

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