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Begins Sunday 1st May

An empowering and uplifting wake up call,

for those ready for change!

This includes:

12 x group sessions (online)

12 x weeks yoga membership (online)

3 x 1:1 sessions (online)

Reach out if you feel you need some support in the following areas:

Healthy boundaries


Self love (this is a big one!)

Energy saving mode

Removing blocks

Finding your voice

Marja holds free intro talk's one Sunday each month.

Reach out to know when the next one is!

The world needs more warriors of truth, with firm but loving boundaries who know know how important becoming the best version of themselves is, so they can start to serve the world and help raise it's vibration.

Let's do this!


The first time I was in Marja’s presence was in her class, I was engaged by her immense warmth, her reassuring smile that melted my heart and softened my fears & self expectations, a feeling almost so familiar that i was instantly drawn to seek out more.

I ventured to her classes, I read her posts and through that process her teachings resonated with me so deeply in a way I hadn’t dared to explore yet, but my soul yearned to dive in, I was curious I was intrigued I was ready.

In a moment I can only describe as synchronicity I followed my instincts and ignored my fears, I reached out to Marja and asked her for mentorship, she replied almost immediately & was blown away telling me she had put the call out to the universe sharing with her community that she was offering mentorship. A gift to prove to me that if your open the universe will listen, seek and you shall find.

My experience was life changing, and what I mean by that is I was stuck I was frustrated I was desperately desiring change but didn’t know how to step into the greatest expression of myself I was too afraid of change, too afraid of life, essentially. I wasn’t living of feeling I was expecting and waiting.

Marja has a natural intuitive way of feeling into your true needs, shifting your blockages & really approaching your goals from a holistic truly healing place, its magic its familiar its pure devotional teacher student bliss, something that I will hold and treasure endlessly.

When Marja listens she listens with her heart, when she speaks she speaks from her soul, when she sees you she sees all of you, even the parts your afraid to let be seen. 

When you are in her presence of wisdom that she offers you I feel like all the parts of her and embracing all the disconnected parts of myself, she manages to put them together through encouragement, through planning and short and long term goals that I was comfortable with and could understand.

She approaches the mentorship form a place of love and in a seat of devotion to your needs and wants. We really break down the challenges the obstacles and how to tackle them in a way that is not aggressive, with integrity.

After Marja’s mentorship I was, sorry,.. I am empowered, I am much clearer and in the direction towards my purpose, more connected to my true self, I am more open to possibilities and I am a yes person, yes to all the things!

Jamila Harper Rose