Receive your attunements and start living life at higher vibration.

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Reiki is a subtle yet powerful healing tool received through a sacred initiation process where our channels are re-aligned and purified. These attunement's clear and reboot our energetic pathways so you start to live life from a higher vibration. 

"Rather than absorbing other peoples energy we begin to emit our own frequency.” 

Marja has been initiated into the Gendai Reiki-Ho Level 4 Mastership (highest level), therefore she is an advanced REIKI MASTER TEACHER and is qualified to educate others in this subtle yet powerful healing modality. 

She runs regular Reiki Training's throughout the year in Sydney & the Mid North Coast of NSW. She is also available for online Reiki Training's via zoom.

All training's are certified and recognised globally.



The traditional Reiki levels.

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Level 1

Self healing & healing your loved ones.
You must commit to 21 days of your own self healing practice as part of the initiation ceremony.



Level 2

The practitioner level.
Learn how to heal others, large groups & distant healing.

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Level 3 & 4

By invitation.


I have done my level 1 and level 2 Reiki with Marja. From the first moment I walked in I knew that I was in safe and confident hands. Marja creates a welcoming space, where you feel free to ask questions and be yourself. I felt nervous when I first arrived for my level 1 training, thinking who am I to be doing this training I have no idea what I am doing. Marja instilled confidence in me and allowed me to start my own journey into Reiki, knowing that she is available as a support person along the way. Marja radiates love, light and warmth in all that she does.

Emma Hayes