Reiki infused Yin Yoga. Magic.

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A deeply healing experience

Those that know of Marja's Yin Yoga classes in Bondi know that they are in a league of their own.

Here beautiful blend of hands on energetic assists, felt out for each unique and beautiful soul that comes provides a nurturing and grounding safe space for her students.

With the aim of moving stagnant energy, shifting blocks, creating space, slowing down and allowing time for much needed rest and repair, Marja's classes leave you feeling re-energised, reset and re-invigorated.

You will have the best sleep of your life and wake up feeling like a new person.


I found Marja when my yoga practice had waned and it was her yin classes which rekindled our relationship. I have experienced Marja's expertise in a retreat setting and attended many masterclasses. Each experience has nourished and helped propel me on my personal path and further developed my practice. Marja's reiki sessions were another modality which moved stagnant and blocked energy in my body, creating positive shifts in my life. Marja is an awesome human, just bursting with positivity and light.

Suyin Cavanagh